Friday, June 19, 2020


Hi y'all! Shelly, here.
Happy Friday! :)

Today, I'm swinging in to share a fun friendship card with you! 

Fun, right?!...I started my card by doing all the die cutting first. Which I used white cardstock for and then did some ink blending after. Pretty simple and straight forward. ;) Once having all my ink blending done, I started to assemble each and every bear. To give my bears a little fun/silly side, I gave them each googly eyes. After, I put all the bears into the picture frame and then added on the #friends. To finish things off, a patterned paper background and a touch of hearts, stars, and dots. Cute, right?!...

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Enjoy your day!


Rosemary said...

so cute, shelly!

Celeste Goff said...

Shelly, this card is beyond adorable! I love it!