Friday, January 13, 2023

Life Update: New Orleans 2023

Hi, everyone! 

As many of you probably know, I just got home from my weekend in New Orleans! With my thyroid condition I'm still recovering, so no video this week, but I thought it might be fun to talk about what I was there for and what I did!

So... if you know me, you know that anything pop culture is pretty much MY thing. I love movies and TV, and I have always been pretty involved in fandom spaces. 

And you probably already know that I very much love a show called Stranger Things, and while I have since I was 17, the newest season that debuted last May brought a new character named Eddie Munson. I could go very in depth about what he means to me, but I won't. Just know that the character and actor have been very instrumental in being a source of happiness for me throughout my thyroid diagnosis. I had the pleasure of meeting the actor, Joseph Quinn, in Toronto this past August. 

However, back in November, it was announced that he would be attending Fan Expo New Orleans, a much smaller con in a city I've always wanted to revisit!

I am so proud of myself. I flew by myself for the first time, I traveled alone to meet friends and I had the time of my life! All things I could not see myself doing even a few months ago. 

If you have been to any of our stamp shows, Fan Expo is kind of like that! There's a vendor floor, with all kinds of amazing stuff to buy. There's also an Artist Alley, where artists sell their wares, and everything is really amazing. Most are small businesses paying for a booth just like we do, and you can always find some awesome stuff! I got some amazing earrings from two different vendors.

They also have a fun lineup of celebrity guests, voice actors, and cosplayers, and you're able to meet them and get photo ops and autographs! 

My main focus for this time was Joe, of course, but I also got to meet the voice of my all time favorite Disney Princess, Jodi Benson! She was the nicest person ever and really, really cared about everything I had to say. 

I met my absolute best friend, who flew in from Maryland! We hung out the whole weekend, along with some other friends that I had already known.

We ate some delicious food, too!

And finally... the reason I was there at all... Joseph! He's the kindest person in the entire world. I made a scrapbook full of messages to give to him, and he was so, so sweet when I gave it to him. I think maybe I blacked out, but my friends said he looked in awe! Every time I saw him (which was a lot, and even more times than I had anticipated), he was so kind! He told me my glasses were gorgeous, I made him laugh once... he is the most genuine human being and makes everyone feel so, so special. I could gush about him FOREVER! 

Thank you guys so much for listening to me ramble, I appreciate it! I had an incredible weekend, and can't wait to do it again! See you next week.


Robin said...

So very happy for you. I understand the excitement and thrilled you had this opportunity! So happy you took this leap out of your comfort zone!! I hope you feel better and stronger soon. I have a thyroid issue, too. Hang in there!

DIANA L. said...

Oh how funI love those earrings. looks like you had a greeat time