Thursday, January 20, 2022

You Stole My Heart

Hey, everyone!

I hope you're having a wonderful Thursday! Today I'm sharing with you my project from this week's Tuesday Night Live! The video is below, so you can watch us! We played a lot with Wow Embossing Powders, which I absolutely adore and are so, so much fun to play with! They have so many different varieties and formulas and they're always so much fun to explore! Take a look at their site and buy some powders if you're in the market. 

On the live, we played around with the Queen of Hearts powder, which is comprised of some larger chunks of black,  pearly white, red, gold, and silver. When it melts it gives this really cool effect; not quite a marble effect but something very cool! They way the colors meld together just absolutely gives a gorgeous look! I used this powder on my Celebrate card last week as well. 

I also cut 4 Stitch Dot Hearts (The 3rd smallest size) and embossed them with Metallic Silver (I used an embossing ink pad as well as a rollerball to make sure I got them on perfectly!

I stamped the XOXO from the Big Love stamp set and embossed with Queen of Hearts on both white (kind of, I messed up a bit, haha!) and black. Totally different looks! 

I also stamped an XOXO on a white piece of paper and embossed it with Old Glory, which is a similar formula with red and white and some blue glitters. I really love this chunky formula, it's super stunning and the effect it creates is great!

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