Friday, May 14, 2021

Iris Mini Slim

Hi everyone! Today I'm sharing with you the card that I created during this week's Tuesday Night Live. And just a note about those; after next week, we will be dedicating time to doing video content rather than lives. We understand that things are beginning to open up and everyone is busy, and can't always make the lives, which is totally fantastic that we can find some semblance of normalcy now. This way, you can watch the videos at your leisure. We'll still do lives from time to time but mom and I agreed this would be the best option since summer is approaching and people have lives and commitments. 

We found a variation of this card in my grandma's drawer that we had made for her 92nd birthday, and decided to do a re-creation of it! So I made a mini slimline card. You can watch the live on our Facebook page, and it'll be available soon on our YouTube.

Another cool thing is that these featured products; the Iris Bloom Die Set and the Vase Die Set are on sale currently! Check that out and grab them if you're interested! :) 

Mom also used the Iris die and created a different flower by consistently layering! She said it looks like a Begonia, which is absolutely stunning. 

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Celeste Goff said...

This is just gorgeous!!!