Thursday, April 19, 2018

Sweet Rainbow Celebration

Good morning! Ardyth here with a sweet rainbow card using some dies in an unexpected way! 

It's so much fun to get 'more' out of our stamps and dies by using them in clever ways that the designer may not have had in mind. Here, I have used a flower die (Buttercup Blossom) to create a scalloped circle focal point. True, the 'circle' only has 6 scallops, but by layering it with another one, you can see the circle start to take shape.

To create a background that would help my sentiment panel be the main focus, I thought it would be fun to use the shape of the flower to guide some rainbow ink-blending. I laid the white flower on the panel, and drew pencil lines to divide it up. I masked each section, and erased the pencil line BEFORE blending ink into it. This rainbow of Catherine Pooler inks is so vibrant, and the inks react so well with water to creat even more interest!

Here's a quick video:

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Nan0807 said...

Gorgeous card! Can you tell me about your storage of the ink blending pads? It looks like something that would work for me.

Ardyth said...

Hi! Sharon! This is definitely a case of using what I have. I have clear drawers for my ink cubes and had a couple of extra empty drawers. I cut a piece of cardstock to fit inside the drawer and then added adhesive velcro dots, and labelled each area for one blending pad. I have two sheets in each drawer, just laying on top of each other. I have seen people use adhesive velcro dots in empty dvd cases or those plastic photo boxes from Michaels. I hope this helps!