Thursday, March 19, 2020

New Goodies!

Hi guys! So yesterday I posted a video that I wanted to share on here!
We were going to introduce these fun tools at our first show but as "Rona" got her way....that show
has been cancelled.  SO mom and I decided to do a video...
Carpool Crafting ~ Episode One
complete with THE DOGS! Please excuse their panting, it wasn't even hot in the car! 

So our new tools are the Just Hold It Glue holder, which hold most liquid adhesive bottles on the market, not just our Just Glue It tubes,  and Classy Case which holds your Fab Fibre Cleaning Cloth or any cleaning cloth or baby wipe so it doesn't get water or dampness on your project!

You can find Just Hold It HERE 

and Classy Case HERE

They are made in the USA!

So since shows are cancelled we wanted to bring the show to you, we are offering 50% off our SALE items which were 25% to 50% off as our show special (extra bonus for our customers making that section ALL 50% off)
FREE USA SHIPPING on all orders over $25 after discounts.
Please know we take all sanitation and infection control seriously...we ship from the store/salon, so we are already under state board rules with sanitation and infection control guidelines, so please know your package is packed with clean hands and in a sanitary manner!

Shop A Jillian Vance Design HERE
and Shop the SALE HERE

Watch for  our next Episode of Carpool Crafting SOON!!!

Stay safe, stay healthy, and WASH YOUR HANDS!

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