Monday, February 24, 2020

Some Exciting News!

Hello, everyone! Jillian here. No card today, but I'm sharing something super exciting that's going on this coming week...

I'm going to New York City!

But not just for a vacation. I was invited to tour the Facebook Headquarters and attend a workshop on protecting Intellectual Property, thanks to IACC (International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition)! This is a chance for all kinds of brands to express their concerns on counterfeit products and learn how to keep their product away from that world.

Back in May, I was completely ready to give up. Our product was popping up on AliExpress and other sites that sell counterfeits every day. And there was no way to stop them; even if we reported them and gotten them taken down ourselves, they would just pop back up. It seemed hopeless. Here's a statement I wrote:

I am so thankful for IACC. They are amazing and I'm so happy to be a member and to have the opportunity to attend this workshop!

Please, please, PLEASE, do not buy product off of AliExpress or Wish and now Amazon and Etsy have thousands. Buyer beware as many times they use actual packaging images and design team cards stolen from brand blogs. The stamps and dies that pop up on their for cheap prices are counterfeits. They will not be high quality and they are STOLEN DESIGNS. Please support the original companies and not the unbranded products available on those sites. We are all trying to make it, and I know that seeing something that's normally $15+ for a few dollars is tempting, but those, again, are stolen designs.
Better yet only order from the BRAND website themselves or legitimate online craft stores such as Ellen Hutson, Frantic Stamper and Simon Says Stamp (and other well known sites) to ensure quality, original products. 
Thank you guys so much for supporting my brand all these years!

Have a wonderful week.

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~amy~ said...

how exciting to be able to tour FB and YES for protecting IP!
I'm going to post this in the coffee loving papercrafters fb page.

Lisa said...

Wow!! What a great trip and it's good to know that some large companies are taking note and trying to help! Yay to you for fighting the good fight!

Lori Kobular said...

That is awesome!! Thank you for doing this!! said...

This is great!

Teresa said...

Jill totally fantastic! As a small business owner and designer I totally love that you are going to be able to get your voice heard. Thank you so much for going to bat for all of us.

I own Scrapping for Less.


KathyA. said...

What a well-written plea! I am sorry that you have to deal with this and hope that the theft are one day stopped. However, I think that letters like yours, alerting potential buyers to the temptation of cheaper prices mean poor quality and harm to the real artists. Thanks so much for sharing.