Thursday, June 20, 2019

Cause Poster Series

Hello, everyone! Jillian again. (Wow, you've been seeing me a lot lately, huh?) Today I don't have a card, however, I wanted to share one of my graphic design projects from senior year of college! We were tasked with creating a series of 3 posters for a cause that we're passionate about, which would serve the purpose of educating or calling people to action. I chose the organization Hope for the Day. I became familiar with this organization through going to concerts; they're heavily involved with the alternative scene! HFTD strives to destigmatize mental illness and raise awareness for it, as well as be proactive in preventing suicide. They've partnered with a bunch of my favorite bands and are spreading their message throughout the country in awesome ways; they even have a coffee shop in Chicago and proceeds go towards helping complete their mission. I'm going to insert my concept statement that is actually available on my portfolio site, as well as the rest of my projects, which you can check out HERE, and I'm going to shamelessly promote my Instagram and Facebook! I'm not sure why the photo quality is not great, but clearer versions are available on my site.

Mental health is looked at in a completely different way than physical health, and is often a topic that becomes extremely stigmatized, resulting in pain and misunderstanding for many. The cause and organization chosen is Hope for the Day, a mental health awareness organization that seeks to start the conversation on mental health by different outlets; partnerships, advocates, and classes that help to destigmatize mental illness and prevent suicide in a pro-active fashion. These posters stick consistently to Hope for the Day’s branding colors (black and white), and include bold text calling the viewer to learn more about mental health and the stigma behind it, to help those in need, and to always have hope, that they are never alone and always have resources. Pops of color call attention to important information and key points about mental health.

Thank you for checking out the blog today! I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week.

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