Monday, January 7, 2019

Trying Something New to Me!

Today I have something different, not a card and not anything using any of my own products!
But something I wanted to try but kind of feared a little! Well not anymore!

So this has been a hard month for my family, losing my grandmother suddenly has been a shock to us all. Kind of put us in a fog for right now.
We are working on Spring Designs we think you will love, but creativity has been at a minimum lately do to the stress of her death.
Then this week, on Friday my Spring Semester starts, my last class of Senior Graphic Design...ever!
Which will be packed with projects that ends with our senior show in April!

So mom and I have always wanted to try to use vinyl on shirts!  We have done many vinyl home decor projects but always afraid to put one on a shirt! So when Cricut had their Easy Press on sale for Black Friday.... I ordered one!  We got the 9 x 9", which is the medium sized one and it is perfect for the front of a shirt.
AND just yesterday took the time to try it and let me just say...I am HOOKED!!!

Mom had ordered some ThermoFlex over a year ago and so that is what we used!
The Silhouette has a specific setting for heat transfer vinyl, which is so cool it only cuts the vinyl and not the clear plastic cover sheet!  Once it is cut and it will even ask if you want to mirror it before cutting, so next time I won't have to do that before we send it to the machine.   You have your vinyl on that clear sheet and just place it where you want it, line it up, and iron with the Easy is THAT easy!

So this is my logo for my design business....Jillian Vance Design
I wanted to see how it looked on a shirt and I am hear to say I love it!

I wanted to tell you what the difference is between my two businesses,
Jillian Vance Design and A Jillian Vance Design.

Jillian Vance Design:  I was presented in October with the option to purchase an already established graphic design firm in our town. I love the owner who I interned with this past summer, and she wanted to devote more time to her family.  So January 1st. 2019 it was official! Her business was called Black Cat Creative (such a cute name) but she wanted to keep it for future use just in case she ever wanted to go back to being a freelance designer.  So I just used my name since that is what my limited liability company is anyway and it is all under the same umbrella!  And the design company is a perfect compliment to my already established A Jillian Vance Design!
I am accepting new clients so if you have any design, marketing or branding needs. just email me!  The website for this business is

A Jillian Vance Design:  My original company of Stamps and Dies that I started in 2010! As you know I offer trendy clear and red rubber stamps with coordinating metal dies and INKboss Plates all made in the USA!  We will be doing 4 consumer shows this year and as always our retail store is always stocked... you just have to call for hours as my schedule, even with one class this semester is CRAZY! So we hope to see you on the road at some point! We stick to Ohio shows since my dad has his own business to tend to and can't take long road trips to out of state shows.

So if you are looking to try to make your own t-shirts, pillows and personalize just about anything, give your electronic die cutting machine a try using heat transfer vinyl, you will be HOOKED!

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DIANA L. said...

Congratulations Jillian- I am so happy for you. Also my condolences for the loss of your grandmother. She will always be with you.

The best to you and your family in the new year!!