Monday, May 15, 2017

More Life Update...Prom!

So we don't have a card or project for you today but I wanted to share some of my Prom photos!
At our school we only have a Senior Prom as there are over 320 students in my class. Let me give you a little background on my high school years. In Ohio, they have what is called College Credit Plus. If you have exceptional grades and test scores, you can qualify for College Credit Plus which allows you to dual enroll in your high school as well as a nearby college or university. Your high school accepts your college classes for credit as well as earning those credits to count toward your college degree! What a bonus and a blessing! The tuition, fees and even books are all covered just as if you are in high school so that is like a $60,000 scholarship right there!
I have attended Mount Vernon Nazarene University full time since my Junior year in high school. I now have 65 credit hours towards my bachelors degree. It wasn't easy that is for sure, as you do have to satisfy the high school requirements such as Chemistry! So I took college Chemistry which wasn't so fun but I survived and had a great, caring prof.
While attending MVNU, I have made the best friends! It was so hard for them to leave this summer, and I'm not gonna lie, I cried on the last day of exams. I asked a fellow art student, Jared, to go to prom with me.
He lives 2 hours away so I am blessed he was willing to drive that far to go with me!
It was the perfect day for prom, beautiful weather and we had a great time!
So enjoy some of our photos!  Dad and Jared were getting a little tired of all of mom's photo taking, but I'm used to it!  We got some great pictures.

Thanks for stopping by today, the design team will be back tomorrow!

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Marcia said...

Jillian these are great photos; thanks for sharing! You are an exceptional young woman. You have accomplished much and I'm sure this is only the beginning. Best of luck!
Marcia Scott

Teresa Mikalouski said...

You looked so beautiful!

A Jillian Vance Design said...

Marcia and Teresa,
Thank you so much! I appreciate your kind words.
~ Jillian Vance