Tuesday, March 5, 2013

You're A Star!

Hello. This is Annette from A. Spoon Full of Sugar. You are getting veeeery sleepy. Just stare at the card and close your eyes. Now repeat after me, "You're a Star. You're A Star. You're A Star ..." LOL. Isn't this new stamp absolutely hypnotic?

I am so in love with this stamp. I love the bold graphic image. It just draws in your eyes and demands you give it the attention it so deserves.

That's why I chose to put the star right where all the swirls intersect. Your eye just leads you to it. I stamped the sentiment just below the focal point. Gotta say, I'm very pleased with my new favorite stamp!!


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1 comment:

Lisa Lara said...

Oh Annette I love it!